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By foot

PwC Tower overlooks the harbour at the corner of Albert and Quay Streets. You can enter the building from Quay Street, Albert Street or from level 1B of the Downtown car park. There is a taxi stand at the Copthorne Hotel next door on Quay Street.

By bus

PwC Tower is a short walk from the Britomart Transport Centre, Auckland’s major passenger transport hub. Buses come and go from there to most Auckland destinations.

By train

Similarly, Auckland’s commuter trains come and go from the Britomart Station. PwC Tower is a short walk from there.

Car parking

Public parking is available next door in the Downtown Car Park. The entrance is at 31 Customs Street West. From level 1B of the car park there is an entrance to the lobby of PwC Tower. 

By ferry

The Downtown Ferry Terminal is across the road from the PwC Tower.

Building lifts

Before getting into a lift find one of the three electronic directory boards in the building lobby. They look like this -

Using a keypad situated on either side of the directory boards enter ‘13’. A letter from A to G will then be displayed on the key pad. Find that lift: it will take you to level 13.

However, if you are arriving before 8am or after 6pm the lifts will be locked. You will need to arrange for one of us to let you in with our swipe card.

Offices in Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown

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